Krista Monson - Stage Director

“Edesia is one of the most talented acrobatic and aerial Choreographers I have had the pleasure of working with. She also acted as Assistant Director for a show I directed. She worked tirelessly and successfully to infuse character and narrative within the acrobatics and the overall productions. Every ounce of her being is dedicated to making each moment a moment of excellence on opening night and beyond. Two words: “SHE DELIVERS”.


Gypsy Snider - Stage Director & Co-Founder Les 7 Doigts

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Edesia on stage and as a collaborator. She brings fierce work ethics, experience, and talent to her acrobatic and aerial choreography. She is a dedicated associate/assistant director, always working tirelessly to achieve the goals of the collective team and vision of the project. Her wit and passion are valuable to any creative process and her drive is contagious.”

James Hadley - Creative Director

“Edesia is a powerhouse of creativity, passion, and imagination.  She’s a storyteller when she creates and is always thinking about how the acts and the characters will impact the entire show.  Edesia’s work always surprises and delights!”